Performance Application

Attention musicians, dancers and performance groups: apply to perform at this year’s festival on Friday, December 6th, 2019! Applications must be received by October 30th in order to be considered. Performances are twenty minutes in length, and each group will have about five minutes to set up and break down between sets. Please be mindful of these limitations when planning your performances. We receive far more applications than we have available time and space, so we are, unfortunately, unable to accommodate every application (even though we’d really like to). Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance, nor does prior participation. Please submit completed applications by October 30th.

You must read the performer guidelines in the DHLF 2019, Performer Guidelines before registering.

Click here to read the guidelines: 2019 DHLF Performer Guidelines 

Please provide as detailed a description as possible.
Please approximate to your best ability.
Select all that apply
Because we are unable to accommodate all technical requests, we encourage performers to provide their own equipment. With the exception of Festival Stage performances, all performers must provide their own microphones and cables.
Please be as specific as possible.