Elves Shelves Store

It’s the holiday season which; is a time for friends, family, and spreading joy! We gather together and take time to appreciate one another. We love each other and show our kindness by giving gifts and celebrating the good times. This time of year is one of the best times to let others know that we care. Not all of us are as fortunate. Even in our Denton community alone there are children that don’t experience the joy of opening gifts. Their are parents that don’t get to see their child’s face light up with excitement due to financial difficulties.

We as Dentonites can do better! You can help a child find happiness this winter. You can share that experience parents get when they see the smiling faces. The Denton Holiday Lighting Festival collects donations and gives 100% of these donations to the Elves Shelves foundation. Elves Shelves is a First Denton Christmas Outreach program that helps parents provide Christmas Gifts to their children if they are unable to do so. (For more information visit www.firstdenton.org/ministries/missions/elves-shelves)

The program helps so many children and families find the joy we are all searching for. By purchasing a “toy” on this page you too can be part of the cause. Any amount helps those in need. (Toys listed are for example purpose only, actual items purchased for the families may differ) 

Donate today and help us provide the holiday season to all “and to all a good night.”

Virtual Toy Store:

$5: Yo-yo

$10: Basketball/Football/Soccer Ball/Baseball

$20: Teddy Bear 

$50 “Lego” Set

$75 Rocking Horse

$100 Kid Tablet or Video Game